Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Heathcare and Relocation?

That is right, I work with clients in all different industries, I am not limited in who I design for. I enjoy the diversity and it allows my creativity to flow more freely, I don't feel boxed into a particular format. What works for one industry, may not work for another.

Here are some most recent examples...

A logo and stationery set that was designed for a medical office offering a variety of patient services. The client specifically asked for a rendition of The Vitruvian Man, without it being an exact replication. The logo is professional and modern, the blue was chosen to reinforce the idea of professionalism.

The logo was designed to be used in both a vertical and horizontal orientation.

A relocation company looking to make an impact with scratch pads. She asked for her logo and contact information. I knew that there was so much more we could do to spice it up a bit; with a light green background, the tag line "When life requires change, simplify the transition", and elements from her logo create a nice intro to her company. Warm, Friendly, Simple and much remembered.

A chiropractor offering Beautiful Image® within her office wanted a trifold brochure to showcase the services. The corporate company did not have any collateral that she could use, so we came up with this concept. "Give us an hour, we'll give you back years", with an overall theme that screams "spa" and "relaxation", who wouldn't want to try out the consultation?

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