Sunday, February 7, 2010

Wearable Designs

My designs do not have to be restricted to print media. I do a fair amount of designing for other mediums such as: promotional items, trade booths/signage, tshirts and web.My name tag. Name tags dont have to be the boring your name straight across with the logo at the top.... Make it interesting and people will remember you.
Tshirt Design. Using the flower from their logo, we created a soft cushy place for the world to be sitting. Tshirts were made in grey and purple, with this image silk-screen on the backside.

Button. Doctors are special people and their is a day dedicated just to them! A hospital wanted to recognize their doctors and how they make everyone feel with this magnetic button.

Corporate Outing. This image was used on mini punching bags, bags, tshirts, award certificates, power point presentations and keychains. The client loved the image so much, they paid to have it animated, what a great way to get your sales staff motivated.

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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Recent Web Designs...

Millie's Pet Sitting - A site designed for a local pet sitter serving in the Sugar Grove, IL area. Offering friendly, knowledgeable and certified pet sitting from the comfort of your own home.

Saltpan Floody's Flying Hog Barbeque - A site designed for a spin off service of an existing catering company. Flying Hog Barbeque offers a variety of services including: pig roasts and outdoor grilling for any occasion.

JMC3 Foods - "Improving the Health of the Community, One Lunch at a Time" A family owned business who recognized the importance of a lunch program for their local school district delivers lunches to students twice a week throughout the school year.

The Olive Gallery - Designed for a Tuscan themed oil and vinaigrette shop that features specialty imports. You are invited to "Savor the Flavors"

Career Education Consultants - A site re-design for a Corporate Trainer, Consultant and Inspirational Speaker. Deborah Pettway offers a variety of seminars and classes to help anyone succeed. •