Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tastefully Whimsical

Earth Design - A family owned landscaping company, specializing in architecture and design elements that will "Bring Your Outdoors to Life". The owners have been in business for a number of years and up until this point, never had a logo to define themselves from other landscape artists. They requested that the logo referred to landscaping without using the typcial landscaping graphics. Lime green and burgundy were initially chosen to compliment their gray vehicle.

The Olive Gallery - A retail shop soon to open in Yorkville selling a variety of oils and vinaigrettes, amongst a variety of other specialties. The client requested the use of an olive and wanted the logo to be very simple, but elegant. The coloring was chosen to compliment the Tuscan themed shop.

OhBabyYou.com - An online retail shop that sells upscale infant clothing and baby gear. The concept behind the logo was to create a 50's vintage theme without dating the company's image. The client requested pinks, browns and blues to be incorporated and wanted the logo to be universal enough to use through various forms of media {online, print, tv}

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