Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Spring - It's Time for Babies!

My creativity goes in many different directions. I have been attending baby shower after baby shower recently and wanted to do something really special for my girlfriend. She was expecting her first baby boy and I thought a diaper cake would be appropriate. I am very proud of it! I think it turned out wonderfully.

My sister-n-law is also due to have a baby in a couple of weeks. I helped in co-hosting two different showers for her. For one I helped her by designing the invitations. The shower was going to be a joint one, due to a cousin also being pregnant, we needed something pertaining to both genders due to my sister-n-law having a girl and our cousin having a boy. Here is what I came up with.

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Wednesday, April 1, 2009


So this past month I have been so blessed with my creative juices flowing into NEW logos! If I had to pick one project to be my favorite, I think it would be a logo. Logos are certainly not the easiest project to conclude, but they are the most gratifying. Nothing inspires a business owner more than revamping, recreating or identifying their business image.

What a breathe of fresh air!

Many don't understand my creative processes, and I wouldn't expect you to, but what I do want you to understand is that I go above and beyond for all my clients, whether it be a business card project OR a complete identity package. Read what some of my clients have to say...

Also take note that when I say I will present 5 different concepts to you, I PRESENT FIVE DIFFERENT CONCEPTS. I don't take one small element and just change the color or the font. Take a look.


The client was looking for a logo that emulated class, form, beauty and grace. The yellow and burgundy logo will be used as their primary logo; on their business cards, stationery, flyers, direct mail, etc. The second concept will be used on her apparel. I presented the original concept of the ballet dancer and she loved it so much that we created a second version for the male dancers using a breakdancer.


This client has been in business for quite sometime, I helped him re-design and develop his website last Fall HeadacheTherapy.org and PureHeadache.com and after receiving my newsletter in January wanted to define himself with a logo that spoke about who he was. This is the final concept that we decided on, showing the human body, spine and head while giving a sense of comfort and natural healing.


This client has also been practicing for several years, they have always used some form of a lotus flower and other than the purples, that was their only requirement in a logo design. I designed a very calming and naturalistic logo, that was not only beautiful, but spoke to the owner and his staff.


This client has been an independent purchasing agent for the past three years. She primarily works with hotels and helps in purchasing everything from their flooring to their bedding and furniture, her main role is a project manager and to give her clients the best deal possible. Everyone in her industry knows her by her last name and she indicated that she favored the color blue. I consulted with her and designed a logo that was clean and modern.


The Catering Gourmets is a catering company who is expanding, congrats!. She has been given the opportunity to head-up the cafe/coffee shop in a newly constructed public library opening in August. Her only requirement was to keep along the same style she was already using in her business and to keep her color pallette in tact, the idea was that The Book Nook Café was it's own identity, but also could be tied back to The Catering Gourmets.


Rays was recently bought and renovated by new owners this past August. His original concept for the restaurant was a business casual martini bar. The owner noticed the pattern that college kids were coming more frequently, they are trying to vamp up their image and are now gearing up for the night life scene, complete with live music, an outdoor tiki bar, food and drink specials and a location for sports fans to hang out and watch the big game. The owner was looking for a beached-up, casual logo that could be used in all aspects of his business. {menus, flyers, table tents, apparel, direct mail, etc.}

These are just a few of the projects that I have completed in the past month. Please view my extensive portfolio for additional samples or CALL ME NOW for a FREE quote, 630-552-7659.

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