Thursday, February 4, 2010

Recent Web Designs...

Millie's Pet Sitting - A site designed for a local pet sitter serving in the Sugar Grove, IL area. Offering friendly, knowledgeable and certified pet sitting from the comfort of your own home.

Saltpan Floody's Flying Hog Barbeque - A site designed for a spin off service of an existing catering company. Flying Hog Barbeque offers a variety of services including: pig roasts and outdoor grilling for any occasion.

JMC3 Foods - "Improving the Health of the Community, One Lunch at a Time" A family owned business who recognized the importance of a lunch program for their local school district delivers lunches to students twice a week throughout the school year.

The Olive Gallery - Designed for a Tuscan themed oil and vinaigrette shop that features specialty imports. You are invited to "Savor the Flavors"

Career Education Consultants - A site re-design for a Corporate Trainer, Consultant and Inspirational Speaker. Deborah Pettway offers a variety of seminars and classes to help anyone succeed. •

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