Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Creative Thoughts : Where Do They Come From?

It never fails, the feeling I get when a satisfied client comes back for more. I am unsure where my ideas come from, although I am continually amazed at what triggers my creative thoughts; a billboard on the side of the road, an ad in a magazine, a comment from a client, a drawing from my 4 year old, an animated story told by a friend, the list is endless. My creative wheels are never at rest and are continually seeking new and innovative ideas for you.

Last year I had a client come to me wanting a design for their annual company-wide sales meeting. They had decided on a racing theme to get their sales team all revved up and was so thrilled with the results that they came back for more.

This year they decided on a boxing theme, the image below is what they are going to be using on punching bags, key chains and t-shirts.

I am so excited when I have the opportunity to work closely with a charitable organization. The Rotary Club of Oswego has accomplished so much with the annual Chukkers for Charity event, raising over $20,000 in past years. I had the honor of designing the Save-the-Date card for this year's event.

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