Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My Top 10 Accomplishments

Looking back to 2009, I am proud of so many things, It is very inspiring to look back on your accomplishments and create new goals for the upcoming year. What is your Top 10?

10. Tasha Lee Design co-hosted 2 events and was involved in the Chamber, helping out as much as she could.
9. I have surrounded myself with successful and inspirational business owners; who have become an awesome support system, not only professionally but also personally.
8. I managed to survive pregnancy and my sanity has returned, despite all the complications this time around.
7. I always wanted to pitch that 10 extra pounds; and I did it!
6. I prospected like a mad woman and attended a record high for Networking Events. It paid off! Even though my kids didn't know who I was some weeks.
5. I joined a second networking group DPWN, it is so inspiring to be surrounded by such passionate and accomplished women.
4. I was part of a leads group who organized and funded a Charitable Casino Night. We donated over $8,000 to two not-for-profit organizations.
3. I took my own advice and developed a marketing plan that I stuck to!
2. I used my couponing knowledge to donate grocery/health and beauty items to those in need.
1. I increased my business by 36%, with 2 little kids running around and being pregnant!

A holiday card designed for a therapeutic clinic. Classy yet traditional. Speckman Therapeutics.

A logo designed for an online girls t-shirt boutique. Offering t-shirts for girly girls who have a bit of tom boy in them. All styles offered in the colors girls love, but use images such as trucks, sports and dinosaurs. Visit the boutique on the web A Closet of Her Own.

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