Monday, November 29, 2010

iTunes 10 sports new logo

As CD sales continue to sink below the turbulent waters of technology, and online sales of music keeps growing, Apple has removed the CD from the background of its iTunes logo with the release of version 10. The new design is somewhat underwhelming. But perhaps it was left intentionally generic to accommodate whatever ripples Ping–the new social network for music–may cause in the upcoming months.



Cartoon Network airs new brand watch video

Courtesy of Brand New School, Cartoon Network has built on its black–and–white checkerboard brand heritage.

The logo has been tweaked, a typographic system developed, and a new grid–based on the checkerboard–provides structure. Design elements began appearing in May, while the on–air IDs began to be shown last week.

It was important to Cartoon Network that each day part be distinct and branded with its own color, humor and expanding level of complexity. "We wanted to share on–air the excitement we found in the initial explorations of the checkerboard and the grid," said art director Eric Adolfsen. "From the first to the last second of each day, we looked for ways to consistently surprise viewers and build on the language of the checkerboard, eventually creating a visual shorthand the audience could embrace." •

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