Wednesday, June 6, 2012

International Tradeshow Booth

A couple weeks ago I highlighted Rogue Partners logo design and promised to showcase the photos from their trade show in Singapore. Unfortunately, I was not in attendance for this particular show, but had the opportunity to sit down and talk with the owner of the business when he returned to the States. What a cool and interesting country. I could have sat there and talked with Ken for hours about his experience, the culture, and dynamics of the Asian market. I was extremely happy with the graphics when everything was put together and the booth looked stunning.

One of the points that intrigued me most is that over in Asia, the idea of animals grazing in an open field is completely surreal to them. As Tasha Lee Design was putting together the tradeshow booth graphics, we made a point to emphasize just that.... a farm with acres and acres of rolling hills. I think the bright green of the pastures against the clear blue sky makes the whole booth really stand out.

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