Friday, January 23, 2009

Networking and Impressions

I go to a networking event this past week, as many of us do, not only to talk to others about what I do and spread my wings in the business world, but to get out and talk to real people. Being a one person office, sometimes I just need to hear something other than my own thoughts!

It is very interesting they way business owners act when there is competition strolling the room right along with them. We could all be adults about it and be friendly and polite and utilize each others knowledge or plainly just ignore the fact that there is competition standing right there.

OR.... we can be shouting across the room "You stay on your side and I will stay on my side {of the room}", What?!!? Are you kidding me?, would if the food is on "your" side, does that mean I can't eat? Other reactions that I have witness is blatant rudeness, as in, Person A sees Person B talking to a prospect that Person A has been trying to get "in" with, what is the best way for Person A to handle the situation? Well, by going over and shoving Person B aside and introducing him/herself to the prospect. Of course this tactic is the best way in getting business. Come on. I have also seen the angry stare, where you are literally burning a hole through your competitor or the "stick like glue" tactic, where you are glued to the competitor and preventing them from doing any networking at all. Way to make everyone around you feel awkward!

If you can not handle the competition in a respectful manner, than you should not subject yourself to a networking event, where said competition may be present. The shouting, the shoving, the stares and "sticking like glue" may have been all in good fun, BUT I know what impression s/he left on me, I can only imagine what impression s/he left on others in the room.

Think about it when you go to your next networking event and what impression you are leaving on others.

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