Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Auto Zone Gets Girly

Can car care products be marketed directly to women, or at the very least be gender-neutral? Check out this branding exercise by design student Vinh Pho, which makes AutoZone products seem as if they were being sold out of Bath & Body Works.


Oscars pushing its envelope

Previously just dressed-up office supply issue, this year's Academy Awards' winners' envelopes are now custom-designed by Marc Friedland Couture Communications.


jcpenny Boxes It Up

J. C. Penney Company is now jcpenney, and it has a new logo to match, the first redesign in its 40-year-history.

The letters "jcp" are emphasized in the new design. The Helvetica letters are placed off-center in a red box; the remainder of the name is shown breaking free of the box, symbolic of the company breaking out into new retail areas. The box and initial letters are also used alone, such as in the company's avatar. (At this writing, the old logo was still in use on the jcp website, and predictions are that the new design will be rolled out formally in advertising shown during the Academy Awards on February 27.)

The redesign comes on the heels of a recent redesign of the Sears logo—which was also set in a high x-height sans serif. Some say the redesign was in response to burgeoning sales at more contemporary competitors such as Macy's and Kohl's.

Who designed the new mark? From the company's web site: "To choose a new logo design, jcpenney sought submissions that reflect a wide range of perspectives. Participants included the Company's associates, several design agencies, and two art schools – University of Cincinnati and Rhode Island School of Design – that collectively submitted over 200 designs for consideration. The winning design was provided by Luke Langhus, a third-year graphic design student at the University of Cincinnati, who chose to reintroduce jcpenney's iconic red box – a symbol he has long associated with the national retailer. Langhus developed a versatile logo that preserves the company's namesake but can be modified to showcase the 'jcp' independently, given his intent to ensure it would resonate with constantly connected digital consumers who often use abbreviations."

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