Monday, March 14, 2011

Graphic Designer Rolls

Mayor Villaraigosa, in partnership with Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition, has declared graphic designer and cyclist Geoff McFetridge winner of the Bike Awareness and Safety slogan contest. The "Give Me 3" bus shelter posters will be seen on 1,000 ads, and refers to support of 3 Foot Passing legislation that would give bikers more room to ride. The winning slogan was submitted by Danny Gamboa of Long Beach CA. Other sponsors of the effort to make the City of Angels a more bike friendly place include LADOT, LAPD and Midnight Ridazz. read more

Beyond The Cup
Nestlé is the latest major corporation to invest substantially to become more sustainable, in this instance expanding its reach into sustainable coffee farming, making its factories more efficient and reducing its packaging. Beyond the Cup: The Nescafe Plan aims to double the amount of Nescafé, the instant coffee, that it buys directly from farmers. They also intend to increase its number of agronomists and field technicians. To reduce its direct impacts, Nestlé is investing funds into its own factories to reduce energy and waste, and to use spent coffee grounds as fuel in all factories. see more

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