Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Green Design


The Nutmobile, a traveling ambassador for the Planters brand, has gone green. The new model runs on biodiesel and has a wind turbine, solar panels, LED interior lighting, recycled parts and wood floors purportedly reclaimed from a 19th century barn. It made its public debut at the Global Green Oscars preparty. The redesigned Nutmobile joins a succession of mobile ad vehicles, best known of which is the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile. Jason Levine is Planters’ senior director for marketing. He has the new Nutmobile is based on an Isuzu box truck. According to James Riseborough, chief creative officer of builder Turtle Transit, the fiberglass peanut body is held in place with an underlying steel frame. Energy captured and converted by the wind turbine and solar panel drive an alternator that recharges batteries for interior lighting and sound system. Joe Doyon, Turtle Transit’s general manager says that this kind of advertising is having a renaissance due to the popularity of camera phones.



Creative agency Beattie McGuinness Bungay New York found a unique design solution that goes beyond p-o-p. Their concept takes emptied bottles of Bols Genever, a Dutch spirits brand, and via a specialized handmade process recycles them into attractive drinking glasses. The glasses are being leveraged as selling tools and premiums, with the vision to expand the program to consumers through a mail-in program.


Frito-Lay has silenced its SunChips brand bag. The noisy but remarkably compostable eco-bag upset sensitive consumers and triggered a noise-free bag movement. The company states: “You asked for a quieter bag and we heard you loud and clear.”
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